Born out of a shared love of Sri Lankan cuisine, Sri-Licious is the creation of close friends Mary and Callie. 


Specialist street food dishes, prepared lovingly from scratch; we’re talking kottu roti, egg hoppers, delicious short eats, adventurous sambols and a few extra special dishes too!


Environmentally conscious, our carefully chosen ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible (though sadly coconuts don't grow in this country!) and all our packaging, from boxes and cutlery, right down to drinking straws, is 100% compostable.


You'll find Sri-Licious popping up at festivals, farmers markets and food fairs across the South West & Midlands - sometimes even further afield! We are also available for private events, so why not try something different for your wedding, party or conference?


Having grown up in Sri Lanka, Mary had been cooking the cuisine for many years when she suggested her good friend Callie (a massive street food fan) visit the country. As a keen backpacker Callie didn’t need to be told twice and hopped on the first plane to Colombo to start her tour of the magnificent island - tasting as she went!


When she returned the pair couldn’t stop excitedly creating the dishes they both loved so much, serving up delicious feasts for all their lucky chums!


As they both had a professional background in food it seemed obvious that they should turn their shared passion into something more real and start bringing delicious Sri Lankan cuisine to all you lovely people of the United Kingdom, so they bought a van and the rest (as they say) is history!